comb to comb from the mother's sorrow, you hang the children always in your heart, to rais~~有哪些类似的句子推荐?我们特别整理来自网络的妈妈母亲节祝福英语语句70句,如果对这个话题感兴趣的话,请关注本站。

1、The name of the mother, the world's most cordial, calling her name everyday, was in love with her everyday, but never to love her, in this special day today, do you think of to love her?


3、mother's love is a kind of wine, drink is missing.

4、On this special festival, I sincerely wish my mother a happy holiday! Say you have worked hard!


6、Mother is the boss today is you of festival, you have been in my world you are the boss, stresses the revolution, make production, our things you say! Dear, happy mother's day!

7、Dear mom, you worked so hard to raise me, you head of white hair also many, I want to say to you I love you mother.

8、Mom, I thank you give so lovely child, no matter how in the future, I love you forever!

9、you gave me life,you guard me grow,is you care about my cold and warm,is you feel my sorrow and joy. The sea of grace is never forgotten. Mother's day,thank my mother selfless love,bless you always happy and happy!

10、My mother like a land of abundance, like a tree grass on the land; Mother's giving is endless, and I repay is slim.

11、I would not have been able to make this wonderful journey through life without you. You paved the road of my life with your support and love.

12、On Mother's Day, send my mother a bunch of pink carnations to wish herbeauty and youth.




16、Thank you for everything over the years, mom.母亲节欢乐!妈妈,多谢您这些年来所做的一切。


18、Hope on this special day I sent you my special greetings! I wish: happy mother's day! Mom, I love you forever!

19、Mom, you are always right!

20、on the stage of life,motherly love is never absent,the stage is wonderful deductive,behind the scenes solicitude encouragement,reading all the joys and sorrows of the world,warm accompany you continue. Mother's day,the main character of the future is you. Happy mother's holiday!


22、Life is the happiest thing. Every movement, such as a beautiful poem in light recite; Every whistle, such as a cup of sweet water in the water. Happy mother's day arrived, wish mother happy.


24、Mom I thank you gave me life, is you taught me to be the truth, no matter how in the future, I love you forever! In this belongs to your festival, I wish you a happy holiday, happy forever!

25、There are little things that I should have said and done to shoetimes I cry and make you sigh, but you know that I love you so.


27、If I were a rich man, you would be a rich man’s mother. If I were president, you would be president’s mother. No matter what I will be, I will always love you, Mom!


29、我要的,不是短暂的温柔,而是一生的守候。I prefer having your accompanying for life-long time to the short-time tenderness.

30、I am so grateful for all the sacrifices you have made for me. I love you more than words can express! 我无法用言语来表达我有多爱您,感谢您为我所做的一切牺牲。

31、Dear mother: have you ever been in your strong arms hold up a piece of blue sky for me; Today, I will use my growing plump wings keep out wind and rain for you. Mom, I love you forever! I wish you healthy and happy!





36、Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life ... and today it is you.



39、Thank you for everything over the years,mom.

40、You are the one that we love the Have a happy Mother's

41、Eat salt all over the world the best, gone through the niang most close. Only you can let me gave his life in the world, my mother. I will love you whole life!


43、I love you bunches, Mom!妈妈,我非常非常爱您!

44、just put a gift into the mail. I hope it reaches you in time for Mother's Day . Have a very happy Mother's Day. I wish I could be there to share it with you.

45、Mom, now that I have done the mothers, your hard work, love you, I also understand deeper. I wish you a happy mothers day!


47、the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother。

48、Wish mother: a smile sorrow run; laugh troubles disappear; Three laugh in a good mood; Four laugh at heart; Five laugh merriment; Six laugh good body; Seven happy smile; Eight laugh wrinkles less; Nine laugh a backgammon; Ten smile joy!

49、Mother for so many years you were laborious, I love you!

50、Mom, you are the glue that holds our family together. We are so blessed to have you in our lives! 妈妈,您是我们家庭中心的粘合剂,我们很幸福有您在我们的生命中!


52、What I can, what I have. Thanks to my angelic mother, mom, I love you!

53、Looking forward to your eyes, filled with children; Your hands, painting the happiness of tomorrow; Your happiness, is the biggest wish children; Mother's day, a greeting: I wish my mother healthy forever!


55、On this day we honor you,dear mother.

56、Mother's Day is coming, say to your mother: You have worked hard and Ilove you.

57、Mother's Day is coming. I wish my dear mother a happy, healthy and safeholiday.

58、selfless, self sacrifice of maternal love help, the child's soul will be a desert.


60、All the world's other are false and empty, only the mother is really, eternal, not quenched. I wish you a happy mother's day!

61、Words cannot express how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. I love you to the moon and back! 无法用言语来表达我对您为我所做的一切的感激之情,我爱您,如此深沉!

62、Wife, today is mother's day, it's time for you to do so much, let me help you look after a day walker?

63、Mom, you are the light that guides me through the darkest days. Happy Mother's Day! 妈妈,您是照亮我生命的光,祝母亲节快乐!

64、There is only a mother good, no days, no, no you don't have me, thank you for giving me everything.


66、Mother's Day has arrived, and the blessings have followed. I wish health to follow, peace to embrace, happiness to surround, happiness to report for duty every day, and good luck to cover forever. I wish my dear mother a happy Mother's Day.

67、Mom, thank you! When I stumbled, is that you've been supporting me. Today is you of festival, I sincerely wish you a happy holiday!

68、mother's love is the flame of a huge, is the only can make the yield strength of a god of death, is the world's greatest strength.


70、comb to comb from the mother's sorrow, you hang the children always in your heart, to raise the children and grandchildren to do, the house head also busy busy outside. Today is mother's day, mom, you should have a good rest!