每个人每天都要和其他人沟通与交流,我们都通过句子表达自己。简单的句子中往往凝聚了我们想要表达的感情。你感兴趣的句子大致上有哪些呢?编辑为大家呈上收集和整理的关于中秋节的英语祝福语, 请收藏并分享给你的朋友们吧!


1、Zhongtianhao Yueming world, everywhere Sheng song Orchestra reunion. 中天皓月明世界,遍地笙歌乐团圆。

2、Jade rabbit, Chang'e, Osmanthus fragrans; whitening, beautiful fragrance. Ming Moon, Qingfeng, 15; Acacia, reunion, distant wishes. 玉兔,嫦娥,桂树;美白,漂亮芳馥。明月,清风,十五;相思,团圆,遥祝。

3、Delivery of sweet moon cakes, together with a blessed heart. May every day you live be as successful as the fifteenth moon! 送上香甜的月饼,连同一颗祝福的心。愿你过的每一天都象十五的月亮一样成功!

4、When the moon is full, you will be as successful as my heart, and your success will begin again. 月圆了,你和我的心同样的圆满,你的成功就从次开始。

5、I hope the round moon will bring my best wishes to you, my best friend. 月是中秋分外明,我把相思遥相寄!节日快乐,我的朋友

6、The magpie bridge broke on July 7 and the baby circled on August 15. The Bodhisattva Hospital is warm in the sun and cool in the autumn. The moon is infinite and full. 七月七日鹊桥断,八月十五月儿圆。日暖秋凉菩提院,月儿无限月长圆。

7、On a moonlit night, with you and me, I just want to say to you gently, my lover wishes you a happy holiday! 有月的夜晚,有你和我的夜晚,只想轻轻的向你道声,我的佳人祝你节日快乐!

8、On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I sincerely wish you and your family a happy reunion, happiness and well-being. 谨此中秋佳节之际,衷心祝愿您和家人团圆美满,幸福安康。

9、The moon is full again. You are as perfect as my heart. Your success and mine will begin today. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 月又圆了,你和我的心同样的圆满,你我的成功就从今天开始。中秋节日快乐哦!

10、Family members are round and round, and their minds are full of happiness. Happiness is always ahead. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! 亲人团团圆圆,心事花好月圆,幸福美满永在前,中秋节快乐!

11、Your life fall, Maple Leaf is a general color, spring is not the increasingly rising spring, which was the Shuangtian season, but is particularly Shencaiyiyi.您生命的秋天,是枫叶一般的色彩,不是春光胜似春光,时值霜天季节,却格外显得神采奕奕。

12、Cool weather, warm affection, this season, only miss you! 凉凉天气,暖暖情意,这个季节,唯独想你!

13、The moon is priceless, both alpine conditions. To your life like this, like the moon 15, Yuanyuanmanman!明月本无价,高山皆有情。愿你的生活就像这十五的月亮一样,圆圆满满!

14、A bright moon and stars twinkle and shine. Wishing you a merry mid-autumn day and a happy life.皓月闪烁,星光闪耀,中秋佳节,美满快乐!

15、Mid-Autumn Festival, the children also won a round, I was less half of the moon. Fellow Acacia plight of a thousand miles away, Ho, Ho, now Huanyan ?中秋的月儿圆又圆,()我的月亮却少半边。千里遥寄相思苦,何年何月现欢颜?

16、Send a round cake, send a round love, offer a round heart, round a round dream. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! 送一个圆圆的饼,寄一份圆圆的情,献一颗圆圆的心,圆一个圆圆的梦。中秋节快乐!

17、In this special day, send a touch of Qingxiang,洒脱fun for your blessing! Afar you, a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!在这特别的日子里,送一份淡淡的清香,为你洒脱缤纷的祝福!远方的你,中秋节快乐!

18、A gentle kiss, has touched my heart, a deep feeling, so that I miss now. 轻轻的一个吻,已经打动我的心,深深的一段情,叫我思念到如今。

19、Everything that has passed will become a kind remembrance. Everything that has passed will be precious. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 一切过去了的都会变成亲切的怀念,一切逝去了的方知可贵。祝您中秋快乐!


20、July to Mid Autumn Festival is exceptionally bright, and it is a year of reunion. I wish you a happy holiday and good health. 月到中秋分外明,又是一年团圆日,祝你节日愉快,身体安康。

21、Letters, short stories and long speeches are endless. I wish my friends are more healthy. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, family reunion. 信短情长言未尽,唯愿朋友多安康。中秋快乐,合家团圆。

22、Mid-Autumn day looked at the bright moon, bowed their heads and old friend, although I was miss you, but I won't be lonely, because I share it with you in the same round of the moon。 中秋节抬头望明月,低头思故人,虽然我很是想你,但我不会寂寞,因为我与你在分享同一轮明月。

23、The mid-autumn night is warm and the moon is bright and quiet. To invite Change Dance to share the worlds longing. 中秋之时夜温馨,十五月圆亮又静。举杯邀请嫦娥舞,共伴人间思念情。

24、Bright moon, sparkling stars, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! 皓月闪烁,星光闪耀,中秋佳节,美满快乐!

25、On a full moon night, the bright moon is in the sky! No matter how far away we are, I cant stop my deep miss for you! 月圆之夜明月当空是!无论我们的距离多遥远,都挡不住我对你深深的思念!

26、The moon is boundless and the world is full of affection. May you have a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and have a happy reunion with your family. 风月无边,人间有情,愿你中秋快乐,能与家人过一个美满的团圆节。

27、Last year, the moon has come again. How many feelings are there in the world at the age of one. I hope that the full moon flowers will blossom all the time. This feeling in the world is the same from ancient times to modern times. 去年明月今又来,人间一岁几多情,但愿月圆花常开,世间此情古今同。

28、Send Acacia Thousands of miles in the bright moon! The moon represents my heart! 明月千里寄相思!月亮代表我的心!

29、Department Yu Cheng met in edge, the bosom friend, a true friend no matter where, always always pay off and love, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival! 相识系于缘,相知系于诚,一个真正的朋友不论在身何处,总时时付出关和爱,愿你中秋快乐!

30、Put my heart in your palm. I hope you will treasure it and take good care of it. 将我的真心,放在你的手心,愿你好好珍藏,细细呵护!

31、Wish us a long life to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even thousands miles apart.但愿人长久,千里共婵娟。

32、Mid Autumn Festival, friendship goes all the way, wish you the most beautiful mood, family reunion. 中秋节,友情一路相随,愿你心情最美,合家团圆。

33、Mid-autumn Festival greetingsOn the night with blooming flowers and a full moon, I want to express my best wishes and blessings. May you have a sweet dream! 花好月圆人团圆,寄去相思和祝愿,幸福快乐好梦圆

34、Make skin with romance; make filling with warmth; make eggs king with happiness; people who know taste need not be many, it's better to have only one of you! 用浪漫做皮;用温馨做馅;幸福做蛋王;懂得品味的人不需要多,只有你一个!

35、It's a full moon night with endless thoughts and wishes. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 又是一个花好月圆夜,无限的思念和祝福尽在其中,中秋节愉快!

36、Family, heart connected, with love around a large circle, even if the dream is far away, home will be reunited. 一家人,心相连,用爱围一个大圈圈,梦就算,再遥远,心里有家就会大团圆。

37、Let the most beautiful moon accompany you and me, let the moon convey my wishes and blessings. 让最圆的明月陪伴你和我,让明月传达我的心愿与祝福。

38、Even the Riverside tidal sea level, sea moon tide of Health, Huahaoyueyuan people reunion , bless you with sound line. Friends: Mid-Autumn joy!春江潮水连海平,海上明月共潮生,花好月圆人团聚,祝福声声伴你行。朋友:中秋快乐!


39、I know the moon heart, yearning and increasing the total to dependencies v. Zhongqing, but two people, forever bless you!明月知我心,思念与日增,总想相依诉衷情,无奈人两地,永远祝福你!

40、Sweet cakes will be served with my blessings. Wish you a successful life and a bright future. 送上香甜的月饼,连同一颗祝福的心...愿你过的每一天都象十五的月亮一样成功!

41、Enjoy the full moon and welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival. In this annual festival, I wish friends at home and abroad a happy holiday! 共赏圆月一轮,喜迎中秋良宵。在这一年一度的佳节里,愿家里家外的朋友节日快乐!

42、Snow beer: Happy reason, eat two mooncakes at a time! 雪花啤酒:开心有理由,一次吃两个月饼!

43、Tonights moon is so round that I want to hold your hand and enjoy the moon by the sea! I love you! Like this eternal moon! 今晚的月亮好圆,好想牵着你的手在海边共赏月!我爱你!如这亘古不变的月亮!

44、On the Mid-Autumn Day, may your life always be filled with happy times and may all your wishes come true. Happy Mid-Autumn Day!中秋佳节来临之际,愿你笑脸如鲜花常开!愿望个个如愿!中秋快乐!

45、Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May the round moon bring you a happy family and a successful future 月到是秋分外明,又是一年团圆日,祝你节日愉快,身体安康

46、The autumn is clear and the autumn moon is bright. Acacia knows when, at this time this night embarrassed. 秋天清,秋月明;落叶还散,栖复惊。相思相见知何日,此时此夜难为情。

47、The moon travels thousands of miles with you, and the moonlight shines like my heart. 明月伴君行千里,丝丝月光如我心。

48、Regardless of the day, the sea and the north, whether gathering or leaving, there is a blessing hanging in my heart forever. I wish you every success and good luck! 无论天南海北,不论相聚与离别,有份祝福永远挂在我心中,祝你一切圆满美好!

49、The moon shines in the sky, and the Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived. The Festival is accompanied by fine wine, and a lovely wife embraces her. Every year is happy and laughs everywhere. 明月当空照,中秋已来到。佳节配美酒,娇妻投怀抱。岁岁都幸福,处处有欢笑。

50、May all troubles leave you, and all blessings are always with you! 愿所有的烦恼都离您而去,所有的祝福都常伴身边!

51、Thousands of mountains and rivers, I miss you in the holidays. 千山万水,隔不断我在佳节对你的思念。

52、The moon cake is eaten away, but the sweetness remains.月饼已吃,甜蜜犹存

53、Everything complete year after year, month, day easy joy, to rejoice always, love is full of vigor, the month circle person circle take good, thing industry shun shun hing! 年年圆满如意,月月事事顺心,日日喜悦无忧,时时高兴欢喜,刻刻充满朝气,月圆人圆花好,事顺业顺家兴!

54、Full Moon mid-similar to you and I hope Suisui phase. The sky's Qinghui, over and mercury, that is, we miss each other of dumping.月圆年年相似,你我岁岁相盼。那满天的清辉,遍地水银,便是我们互倾的思念。

55、On the Mid Autumn Festival, I wish you all the best. 中秋佳节,祝福合家美满,万事如意。

56、Another fragrant season of Dangui, missing at this moment condensation, I wish my friends happiness in this Mid-Autumn Festival! 又一个丹桂飘香的季节,思念在这一刻凝聚,祝愿我的朋友在这个中秋节幸福!

57、I wish your career and life as it phases of the Mid-Autumn Festival, bright bright, festive!祝你的事业和生活像那中秋的圆月一样,亮亮堂堂,圆圆满满!


58、The roundest moon can be seen in the autumn It is time for reunion s I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Day and a wonderful life 愿你的生活就象这十五的月亮一样,圆圆满满

59、Dabao: moon cakes? Lets try it again tomorrow. 大宝:月饼?明天咱也吃一回试试去啊!

60、I wish you happiness every day and prosperous career. May our relationship be full as well as the mid autumn moon. 愿你天天幸福,事业红火,愿我们的关系也和中秋的月亮一样圆圆满满。

61、I want to make a toast. I Wish that the round moon take my best blessing to you. May you have a happy family and a bright future. 举杯仰天遥祝:月圆人圆花好,事顺业顺家兴。

62、Net margin! Love! Full moon! Qiuye language in the outgoing Acacia, Huahaoyueyuan difficult situation round. Bring greetings and Silian, Xinxiangshicheng to edge round.网缘!情缘!月圆!中秋夜语寄相思,花好月圆情难圆。带去问候和思恋,心想事成愿缘圆。

63、Husband and wife are a whole circle, without which one, the circle can not turn, so we can not separate. 夫妻就是一个整圆,缺了哪一个,圆就转不起来了,所以我们不能分离。

64、Gently a blessing, not the words of the heart, one short message, give you take my heartfelt greeting: Mid-Autumn night I miss you very much! 轻轻地一声祝福,道不尽心中的千言万语,短短的一条短信,给你带上我衷心的问候:中秋之夜我很挂念你!

65、Is it safe to ask a thousand miles? And send your thoughts to each other. Continuous love and care, strong feelings and blessings, happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 千里试问平安否?且把思念遥相寄。绵绵爱意与关怀,浓浓情意与祝福,中秋快乐!

66、In this harvest season, sincerely wish you a happy harvest, harvest a success! Happy Mid Autumn Festival! 在这收获的时节,真诚愿您收获一份幸福,收获一份成功!中秋快乐!

67、The Mid-Autumn Day approaches. Although I am far from home, I have conviction in my mind. I wish my family happiness and blessings forever. 一年中秋又来到,远在他乡的我,心中只有一个信念--祝家中的亲人们永远幸福安康!

68、Although I am not around you at this moment, my blessings and wishes will always be around you. Take care, my dearest. 虽然你我不能相聚,但我的思念和祝福伴随你走每一段路。亲爱的,保重!

69、Its better to spend a good person, to reunite a full moon, to have a thousand knots in ones heart, to know each other. 花好人更好,月圆人团圆,心有千千结,自有人相知。

70、The autumn breeze is clear, the autumn moon is bright, Acacia meets, know when? Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 秋风清,秋月明,相思相见,知何日?祝中秋节快乐!

71、Family love, love is a holiday. The moon is full and the Mid Autumn Festival is perfect. 亲情爱情,情系佳节。家园月圆,圆满中秋。

72、The bright moon shines brightly in the sky, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is a good night to remember my sincere wishes. Good luck on the festival, the full moon makes everything round! 皓月当空洒清辉,中秋良宵念挚心;祝愿佳节多好运,月圆人圆事事圆!

73、This most beautiful holiday, I want to send you the most special blessing. 这个最美丽的节日,想送你最特别的祝福。

74、The moon cool breeze send acacia! Let the moon has filled in my blessing to you; Let miss into a breeze, soft kissed your face! 明月清风寄相思!让月儿捎上我的祝福传递给你;让思念化作一缕轻风,柔柔的吻过你的脸!